Employing everything from hazy acoustic guitar interspersed with ambient sounds to delicate piano melodies punctuated with insistent percussion and echoing arpeggios, Instupendo’s spare, soulful electronic instrumentals hit listeners "right in the feels".  Crowned “the prince of smooth” by Stoney Roads, extolled by Nest HQ for "crafting a sound uniquely his own", and compared to "Tycho, incepted into a dreamscape and slowed way down" by Dancing Astronaut, the Philadelphia artist-producer's been making waves of late: 

  • Pigeons & Planes highlighted him as 1 of 10 essential rising artists to watch on SoundCloud in 2017
  • His last 9 singles debuted in the top 3 on SoundCloud's New & Hot Indie chart
  • Six Forty Seven remained in SoundCloud's Indie Top 50 chart for 13 weeks
  • Beauty Unit charted at #27 on Billboard's Spotify Viral 50 
  • Falling, The Good Night, Comfort Chain, and Save featured on Spotify's Dreamy Vibes playlist
  • Light Lock charted at #22 on Hype Machine and topped Apple Music's Today's Chill playlist
  • His Long.Live.A$AP remix was hailed by A$AP Rocky himself as "Too cray"

Instupendo began experimenting with electronic music at age 13 and it wasn't long before he began spending every free moment composing. He counts Bibio, Tom Misch, Tennyson, Mr. Carmack, and Studio Ghibli soundtracks as inspirations, and says, “Making music is this amazing means of expression that's connected me with creators and listeners from around the world... some of who've become the best friends I've known. The most gratifying thing for me is when a track I've written resonates emotionally with someone else.”

Early 2017 has seen Instupendo performing on the east coast and at SXSW, as well as releasing his warmly received debut EP, 'Friend of a Friend'. Out on streaming services and cassette, the 4-track EP features his typical beautiful, melancholy vibe, but finds Instupendo going to new places, adding texture and depth to his distinctive instrumentals through vocal features by Lontalius and Benny Sings. 


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Dancing Astronaut
 Instupendo’s debut EP ‘Friend of a Friend’ marks a bright future ahead [Review]

To say Instupendo burst onto the scene would be incongruous with his sound. Nothing about his style — as singular as it was when his first releases gained traction on Soundcloud as it is now — seems to “burst.” Instead, it flows pleasantly, incessantly outward, collecting fans in its wake.

The release of his debut EP Friend of a Friend, then, feels much like a culmination of his efforts to date. Each successive release has only cemented the Philadelphia-based producer’s status as a musician to watch in 2017. That idiosyncratic sound — a paradox: hazy without a single defined edge, yet possessing a subdued, bright shimmer; melancholic, yet at the same time relaxing and hopeful — is in full form on the EP. Amidst a cohesive sonic atmosphere, subtle deviations in sound drum up excitement for what Instupendo may still have up his sleeve. (click link above to read full reivew)

Pigeons & Planes
Listen to Philly Producer Instupendo's Debut EP 'Friend of a Friend'

Philadelphia--based producer Instupendo caught our ear at the start of the year thanks to some impressive numbers, and now he's back with his debut EP. Friend of a Friend is a distillation of what makes Instupendo such an interesting producer, pairing his idiosyncratic cutesy production with guest vocals from the likes of P&P favorite Lontalius. At only 12 minutes, the EP doesn't overstay its welcome, providing a succinct example of his talents.

"Save" is one of the prettiest songs he's produced yet, but the Lontalius collaboration "Hand to Hand" might be the real highlight here. Lontalius' delicate vocals suit Instupendo's gorgeous atmospherics perfectly, so hopefully this isn't the last time these two work together. With minimal percussion, Instupendo focuses on melodies just like he did on his finest SoundCloud releases. It's skeletal stuff, but what's here is serene and worth sinking into.

Nest HQ
 Instupendo Passionately Recreates 'History' by Cosmo's Midnight

The latest single from Cosmo’s Midnight became an instant hit for its funky, catchy elements. But the duo enlisted Instupendo for a slowed-down, minimal remix of “History” and it’s damn good. Instupendo adds a personal flair by incorporating a lullaby-like melody and a haunting effect created with the track’s original vocals. It’s almost as if it’s not simply a remix of the original song; it captures the intended essence of “History” through a new interpretation.

Pigeons & Planes
 10 Artists Winning on SoundCloud in 2017

Philadelphia-based producer Instupendo is somewhat of an anomaly in the SoundCloud community, if only because he’s managed to garner over half a million listens on tracks that are essentially ambient. His dinky, raw production is instantly enjoyable, and tracks like “Six Forty Seven” and “Long Live” have become part of the regular rotation. Focusing on melodies and a gentle ambience, Instupendo provides a really nice change of pace from the rest of the artists with big numbers on SoundCloud.

Secret Shores
 Instupendo Releases 'Save', a Lovely Single From His Forthcoming 'Friend of a Friend' EP

Instupendo’s “Save” is more of the dreamy ambience that we’ve come to love from the talented young producer. There’s a certain calmness and flood of introspection that envelops one when listening to Instupendo’s work – it’s an almost trance-like feeling that is rooted in beauty, profundity. And “Save” delivers the goods: The wispy vocals on this one work beautifully in tandem with its classic Instupendo keys and muted drums.

The Deli - Philadelphia
 New Track: Comfort Chain - Instupendo (+ Kung Fu Necktie Show)

Instupendo, a.k.a. Aidan Peterson, carries a tune that feels well-handled but open at the seams, displaying a fine attention to detail that produces a roving vignette over a shifting sonic landscape. He recently shared "Comfort Chain," a track that offers a moment to pause and reflect in a way that feels soothing rather than drowsy. 

Dancing Astronaut
 Icarus - Instupendo (Original Mix)

Philadelphia-based producer Instupendo has been steadily growing his fanbase with a consistent stream of releases and a style all his own. Having previously appeared in two editions of our Sunday Morning Medicine series, the producer’s latest, “Icarus”, is quite deserving of recognition. While the title is an obvious reference to the myth of Icarus flying too close to the sun, Instupendo’s production maintains a reserved stance throughout. His singular style of hazy arpeggios crafted out of rounded off synths remains the focal point — something akin to taking Tycho‘s work, incepting it into a dreamscape, and slowing it way down. “Icarus.” provides the perfect soundtrack to lazy afternoons or walks home at sunrise after a long night.

 Mini Mix & Interview #38 – Artist: Instupendo

Instupendo is the moniker of Aidan - a high school student from Philadelphia. Aidan, however is not an ordinary teenager - the young producer has created some of my favourite beats lately and while he is a recent discovery, I often stop at his SoundCloud page to browse through the sounds recorded in his bedroom. He created a super chilled mix which I bet all of you will love. Enjoy the 20 minute groove and the interview we did together.

Frission Radio
 Clockwork Presents Exclusive [Radio] Interview with Instupendo

Instupendo has been steadily gaining recognition as one of the most creative ambient producers of 2016. His emotional style cuts straight to the soul and his expression has not gone unnoticed.  Instupendo tells us about his musical process, his plans for live shows and the journey of his young career so far.  Listen to the archived Clockwork show here. 

Indie Shuffle
 Instupendo - Light Lock

Downtempo ambient music isn't always the easiest to win an audience over with, but I reckon Instupendo's "Light Lock" will set the right tempo for quite a few of you. The man behind the name is Philly-based Aidan Peterson. I'm not sure if this is going to be part of a larger release, but if you like what you hear, there's plenty more to find here. [Sounds like: Boards of Canada, FKJ, Fhin]

Audio Aquarium
 Instupendo - Light Lock

The latest song from Philadelphia beatsmith Instupendo is a 3 minute instrumental masterpiece. Smokey, meandering percussion unfolds alongside waves of hazy sounds — blanketing the song in daydream inducing vibes. I think it’s safe to say that instupendo has established a sound and style that sets himself apart in this vast sea of modern producers. 

Instupendo's 'Falling" is Eerie, Profound and Gorgeous

Philadelphia’s Aidan Peterson a.k.a. Instupendo is the “prince of smooth” according to Stoney Roads – his latest track would certainly support that assertion. Instupendo’s composition is sparse but powerful. In “Falling”, Boards of Canada-like synths and instrumentation transport listeners to a state of total calmness and self-reflection. Having started producing at just 13 years of age, the young producer counts Tennyson and Studio Ghibli soundtracks among his inspirations. These formative influences shine through in his work, which evokes the same vibes as those legendary emotional soundscapes, but Instupendo has nonetheless managed to craft a sound that is uniquely his own. Eerie and beautiful, “Falling” is a stunner.

The Place for Things
Instupendo - "Long Live"

This past week Pro Era held their second annual Steez Day Festival [in remembrance of Capital Steez]… thousands of people gather[ed] to celebrate his life… is it this idea that Instupendo is working with on this track?  The vocals he uses are a loop of the hook from Long Live A$AP: "Who said you can’t live forever lied, Of course, I’m living forever I’ll, Forever I’ll, live long. You can’t ever deny, My force, I’m living forever I’ll, Forever I’ll, LIVE" 

Instupendo takes the idea and runs with it, adding percussion, bass, chimes, and a plethora of other instruments to the haunting Rocky vocals. He even pitches them up for the second half making them sound even more angelic. This song is yet another example of the beauty that can come from some random kid making music in his room. But more importantly it is an example of the power of someone remembering. Instupendo remembered this break down from three years ago and now we have this beautiful piece of music. All it takes is for someone to remember you, and you can have an effect on this world. 

The 405
Enter a Dreamlike State...

Man, this is incredible. Producer Instupendo comes to us from Philadelphia and by the looks of his SoundCloud page, he's already on his way to greatness. His latest release 'Beauty Unit' is a delicately crafted piece of music with a smooth bass line throughout and subtle keys. It might be the perfect comedown after a stressful day, it might be the perfect summer playlist addition, whatever it is, just make sure you listen to it and do it.

Stoney Roads
Instupendo - Six Forty Seven 

Instupendo has just hit us with another tune to love, and to love to. Introducing the composition with only a single percussive hit and an ethereal piano melody, the prince of smooth layers reverb-heavy phrases with lo-fi snares to create a moody yet angelic drawl. Instupendo has slowly been climbing the ladder with unique, elegant and extremely advanced originals. Whether you're a first time listener or long time fan, Instupendo's 'Six Forty Seven' should be the next song on your playlist.