Indie electronic artist Instupendo floats into earshot with original downtempo compositions that listeners say they turn to when they feel, or want to feel, a certain way. Simultaneously euphoric and melancholy, his distinctive sound has been described by Dancing Astronaut as “something akin to taking Tycho’s work, incepting it into a dreamscape, and slowing it way down”, while The Deli Magazine called it “lucid while out of focus; a silken and ethereal logic operating somewhere in the space between trap and ambient.” 

Like many of his peers, Instupendo got his start as a pre-teen on Soundcloud, organically building a fanbase and network of collaborators before venturing onto commercial streaming services in 2016. Within months, his single “Beauty Unit” was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and subsequently charted on Billboard’s Spotify Viral 50.  Successive singles, including ”Falling”, “Light Lock”, and “Comfort Chain” secured additional playlist placements and blog attention. 

2017 saw Pigeons & Planes naming him an essential rising artist to watch, and Cosmo’s Midnight tapping him to remix their hit “History”. The resulting minimal emotional ballad transformed the funky R&B original. Instupendo followed up with his debut EP “Friend of a Friend”, featuring collaborations with artists Lontalius and Benny Sings. Nest HQ dubbed the project “an emphatic assertion that Instupendo’s time has arrived.” The 17 year-old producer concluded the year with a remix of Grammy-winning remixer RAC’s “Unusual feat. MNDR” which promptly charted at #1 on Hype Machine’s remix chart and landed atop Apple Music’s global Today’s Chill playlist.  

Instupendo explored exciting new directions within his signature sound palette on his 2018 sophomore EP, "Faces I Know" -- featuring Hype Machine #1 "Boy", and New Music Friday selection "Fleur feat. Teen Daze" -- and his Pitchfork-'What's Good'/KCRW ‘Top Tracks’-endorsed remix of Rostam's "Half-Light feat. Kelly Zutrau". He racked up time on the road as well, opening for Shallou, Digitalism, Eevee, Rostam, George Fitzgerald, Ryan Hemsworth, Giraffage, and Snail Mail in Brooklyn, Philly, Montreal, Boston, LA and Washington DC.

Thus far, 2019 has witnessed the release of “50-50 feat. Instupendo” on collaborator Toro Y Moi’s “Outer Peace” LP, followed shortly thereafter by his first original music in nearly a year: “Persona”, a song that arose from his participation in a campaign with Urban Outfitters and Teenage Engineering to launch TE’s OP-Z synth. He’s presently working on his next project.


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Dancing Astronaut
Instupendo Bursts into 2019 with a fresh ‘Persona’

Fresh on the heels of a feature on Toro Y Moi‘s newest LP, Instupendo wastes no time in debuting his first original of 2019. “Persona” sees the NY-based, Philadelphia-bred producer reexamine the sound that originally put him on the map, while simultaneously exploring new techniques to freshen his approach.

Run The Trap
Owsey, Laxcity, And Slow Magic Come Together To Remix Instupendo’s ‘Faces I Know’

On the rise in recent years, [Instupendo] has been steadily growing his fanbase with his emotional and therapeutic downtempo tunes. His sophomore EP ‘Faces I Know’ is now given the remix treatment from three distinct styles. Curating an incredible list of artists, Slow Magic, Owsey, and Laxcity take the stage.

Nest HQ
Instupendo Debuts Gorgeous Visual Accompaniment to His 'Faces I Know' EP'

Premiered via Majestic Casual, this latest visual accompaniment to Instupendo’s sophomore EP, Faces I Know is an absolute tour de force: 15+ minutes of stunning videography, full to the brim with muted storytelling and subtext; not to mention some of the most calming and beautiful music you will ever hear. 

Abduction Radiation
Review: Rostam 'Half-Light feat. Kelly Zutrau (Instupendo Remix)'

Instupendo takes the already feathery light track to a whole other level - Rostam’s vocals are somehow even airier and there’s such a delicateness to the instrumentation that’ll make you feel like you’re floating through the air.

True Music Network
Instupendo 'Faces I Know' EP Review

‘Imagine hearing a sound that simultaneously brings you back to your childhood, but at the same time takes you to a better place, up in the clouds, where everything is clear and peaceful, overlooking at everything that once was. That's how we feel when we listen to instupendo's new EP 'Faces I Know'.

The 405
Music, Watercolours, and Ink: Instupendo shares new single ‘Fleur’ and some fresh artwork as well

Forty-four seconds into ‘Fleur,’ Canadian ambient artist/producer Teen Daze (aka Jamison Isaak) sings a repeated refrain of “This season’s not over / I fall into dreams without closing my eyes.” Set against a lush backdrop of washy pads, stargazed melodic flickers, and distant shuffling drums, it’s a blissful set-up for the three and a half odd minutes of relaxational dream pop excellence that follows.

The Burning Ear
 Instupendo - 'Boy'

“Boy” seems to lift you off your chair or the ground, ascending you to the heavens rapidly, clouds breezing past you and grazing your face as you speed towards the light. A truly beautiful offering from Instupendo.

Dancing Astronaut
 Instupendo’s debut EP ‘Friend of a Friend’ marks a bright future ahead [Review]

To say Instupendo burst onto the scene would be incongruous with his sound. Nothing about his style — as singular as it was when his first releases gained traction on Soundcloud as it is now — seems to “burst.” Instead, it flows pleasantly, incessantly outward, collecting fans in its wake. That idiosyncratic sound — a paradox: hazy without a single defined edge, yet possessing a subdued, bright shimmer; melancholic, yet at the same time relaxing and hopeful — is in full form on the EP.  

Secret Shores
 Instupendo Releases 'Save', a Lovely Single From His Forthcoming 'Friend of a Friend' EP

Instupendo’s “Save” is more of the dreamy ambience that we’ve come to love from the talented young producer. There’s a certain calmness and flood of introspection that envelops one when listening to Instupendo’s work – it’s an almost trance-like feeling that is rooted in beauty, profundity. 

Pigeons & Planes
 10 Artists Winning on SoundCloud in 2017

Instupendo is somewhat of an anomaly in the SoundCloud community... [having] garnered over half a million listens on tracks that are essentially ambient. Focusing on melodies and a gentle ambience, Instupendo provides a really nice change of pace from the rest of the artists with big numbers on SoundCloud, and tracks like “Six Forty Seven” and “Long Live” have become part of the regular rotation.

Nest HQ
 Instupendo Passionately Recreates 'History' by Cosmo's Midnight

The latest single from Cosmo’s Midnight became an instant hit for its funky, catchy elements. But the duo enlisted Instupendo for a slowed-down, minimal remix of “History” and it’s damn good. Instupendo adds a personal flair by incorporating a lullaby-like melody and a haunting effect created with the track’s original vocals. It’s almost as if it’s not simply a remix, [but] a new interpretation.

The Deli - Philadelphia
 New Track: Comfort Chain - Instupendo (+ Kung Fu Necktie Show)

Instupendo carries a tune that feels well-handled but open at the seams, displaying a fine attention to detail that produces a roving vignette over a shifting sonic landscape. "Comfort Chain" offers a moment to pause and reflect that feels soothing yet not drowsy. 

Indie Shuffle
 Instupendo - Light Lock

Downtempo ambient music isn't always the easiest to win an audience over with, but I reckon Instupendo's "Light Lock" will set the right tempo for quite a few of you. If you like what you hear, there's plenty more to find here. [Sounds like: Boards of Canada, FKJ, Fhin]

The 405
Enter a Dreamlike State...

Instupendo's latest release 'Beauty Unit' is a delicately crafted piece of music with a smooth bass line throughout and subtle keys. It might be the perfect comedown after a stressful day, it might be the perfect summer playlist addition, whatever, make sure you listen.

Stoney Roads
Instupendo - Six Forty Seven 

Instupendo has just hit us with another tune to love, and to love to. Introducing the composition with only a single percussive hit and an ethereal piano melody, the prince of smooth layers reverb-heavy phrases with lo-fi snares to create a moody yet angelic drawl.   


Passion of the Weiss
 I Guess I Want to Do it All, But More and Better: an Interview with Instupendo

Elevator Magazine
 A Talk with Teenage Prodigy Instupendo 

Performer Magazine
What the Future of SoundCloud Means for Indie Musicians

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 Snack Time Presents: Instupendo

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 Clockwork Presents Exclusive [Radio] Interview with Instupendo